CS Premium Design Program


CS Premium is an offering that is above and beyond our already fantastic service. This service is aimed at corporate customers and for those who require extra help to take your ideas to reality, enabling an apparel design that reflects the professionalism, brand values, and standards of your company or team.

At Champion System, we understand it's important to get the right design. That's why we don't charge for changes - you can have as many designs and as many changes as you need to get your design right.


  • One on one half hour consultation with our in-house designer
  • Full development of two (2) kit creations (jersey and bib, or tri suit, or run/tri top and bottoms), based on 4 hours design.
  • Chosen design mini marker - a print out of what the jersey would look like on the material.
  • A sample kit in a size of your selection: $169.00 (CS Tech Lite jersey and CS Tech bib shorts)


Contact us for further information on CS Premium.